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Vining Gallery 3rd Annual Invitational

Vining Gallery's Third Invitational opened Friday night as a smashing success. The whole evening, the gallery was full of artists, collectors, and art lovers.

Forty artists from around the States (and beyond) were included in the exhibit, with a variety of mediums and subject matter on display. The assortment of styles and landscapes was beautifully united by the caliber of artists represented. I am deeply honored to be included in such an exhibition.

Three of my paintings were included in the show. Two gouache paintings from my recent trip to Utah, 'Falling Shadows' and 'Mountain Springs,' as well as an 8x10" oil painting, "Rose in Bloom.' It was a pleasure to meet the couple who purchased 'Falling Shadows' and tell them the story behind it.

The opening was a wonderful experience, made possible by a team of passionate and dedicated people led by Justin Vining. The show will be on display through October, so go see it while you can! There is no equivalent to seeing such lovely paintings in person. The texture, size, and color of each piece can be experienced firsthand in a way that is just not possible through even the best of photographs.

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