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The Messiah:
Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

For the seeker, the scholar, and everyone in between, this book clearly explains the origin, purpose, and timing of each Appointed Time in easy-to-understand language. But of greater importance, it explains how Jesus fulfilled each of the shadows in perfect timing, proving beyond a shadow of doubt that He is truly the Messiah.

In this 350+ page book by author Donald McCluskey, Biblical teaching is enriched by over 60 illustrations by Kate Orr. 

In addition to the book illustrations and cover painting, Kate also made multiple drawings for Don's online teaching.


Currently, Don and his son Jesse are working on building a website with fascinating instructional videos using materials from the book. Kate makes an appearance in these videos with beautifully shot montages of her drawing process.

You can purchase 'The Messiah' here.

The Official website is linked here.

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