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Happy New Year!

Hitting the ground 'painting' this year with many exciting upcoming events!

It is humbling and rewarding to look back on 2022. There are so many moments that stand out in my mind as significant: my first trip to Europe with my sister, Alix, visiting Biltmore, receiving my first ‘Best in Show’ at the Richmond Art Museum, my first solo show at Vining Gallery, and becoming a finalist in the Art Renewal Center! It is with absolute certainty and gratitude that I know this is thanks to God. He has never failed to provide strength, encouragement, and opportunity.

Already, there are exciting events lined up for this year. Palette to Palate in February, going to Amsterdam to see the Vermeer Exhibition, a solo show at the Harrison Center, and participating in Scott Jones’ upcoming exhibition in spring! I am SO excited about each of these!

If you’re in the area, Palette to Palate is an exquisite event hosted by The Richmond Art Museum and IU East. Four artists are invited to bring 25-40 pieces to exhibit in their beautiful venue. Proceeds from this collaborative fundraiser benefit the Richmond Art Museum programming and the Indiana University East Department of Fine and Performing Arts. Patrons can purchase tickets online for an exclusive evening of wonderful art, music, and food. I’m thrilled to be invited to participate.

THANK YOU so much for your support!

Without you, I wouldn’t be able to live my dream of making a living from my art. Your interest and support make it possible for me to create meaningful, beautiful art to bring joy and hope to others. I hope that this year brings you incredible experiences and deeper friendships, two priceless treasures. Thank you, Kate


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