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'The Heat is On!' Women Artists of the West

Open through September 30th, this members-only exhibition showcases the variety of summer themed artwork that the Women Artists of the West have recently created.

I'm honored to have three pieces included in this virtual exhibition, 'Reminiscence,' 'Bloom and Jade,' and 'Medicine Garden.' Each piece is a unique example of my paintings, and each represents a different medium I have worked in.

'Reminiscence' is a watercolor portrait with soft hues and sweeping strokes.

'Bloom and Jade' (now in a private collection) is a luscious oil painting with vibrant colors.

'Medicine Garden' is a plein air gouache painting I completed at an IPAPA event filled with an assortment of beautiful flowers, a harmony of pinks, greens, and yellows.

It's an honor to be included as a member in this exhibit alongside so many great artists.

You can view 'The Heat is On!' Exhibition here


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