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Ten New Paintings

This week I painted ten new 5x7" pieces, a collection of still lives and portraits. This morning at 11am I released all ten on my Instagram page, sharing each painting along with the story behind it.

As a special offer, each piece was only $100. I was blown away by the encouragement and excitement that I received from people as I shared these paintings. Five of the ten sold within the first hour of posting them. It was deeply moving to me that the collectors connected with these pieces.

Hearing what memories and sentiments that they evoked in others made them all the more special. Now they not only hold particular meaning to me, but they are enriched by the responses of others.

Finding where we connect in a painting's significance and learning how others differ in evoked memory or thought expands the personality of the piece. It is an amazing, beautiful thing to happen.

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the support of everyone who shared, enjoyed, and purchased these pieces.

Thank you.

'Lemons and Cup,' 'At a Glance,' 'Childhood Treasures,' '1/3 Cup,' and 'Ocean Vase With Clementines' are still currently available for $100.

If you are interested, please message me and I would love to give you more information.



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