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Sharing My Favorite Frames

As most artists can relate, I have tried many different sources for framing my artwork.

A frame can make or break your art. It can either enhance or distract...

Over the years, I've tried craft stores, antique shops, thrifting, online ordering, framing stores...

While I have found some beautiful frames antiquing, and have enjoyed good experiences with different online businesses, my consistent favorite is (Mention me in the customer notes when you try them!)

Their frames are high quality wood, beautifully crafted, and come in a wide range of designs. The variety is ideal because each piece of art will be best suited by a different frame. While there are frames that are pretty universally flattering, sometimes you need something completely different!

Their customer service has always been attentive and professional, their prices are unbeatable for the quality they offer, and they have a page dedicating to offering links to art websites, opportunities, and fellow artists.


Here is a video I made showing some of my work that I have displayed with their frames :

As a matter of fact, I love their frames so much I have become an ambassador for their company! I am proud to use their frames for my art, whether it is for a private commission, regional art shows, or international exhibitions.

Whenever I hear someone becomes an ambassador for a business, it's hard not to feel they probably have a bias towards their products.

While this may often be true, I have been a loyal customer of theirs for years, ever since my artist friend Roy Boswell shared their site with me.

I have never been disappointed by their frames, and it is a delight to look through their collection and find just the right frame for your piece.

Share photos with me if you use them with your art!

Thank you for reading! I hope you try them out! If you do, please mention my name in the Customer Notes when you order so they can know we are connected.

Have a beautiful day!



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