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'More Than Face Value' Exhibition

Thanks to the efforts of our ambassador, Dianna Porter, Indiana members of the Portrait Society collaborated on a figurative art show at Hancock County Arts in Greenfield.

I am grateful to have three pieces in the exhibit, each of which has been recognized in previous art exhibitions and is available for purchase.

'Enigma' received the Elizabeth Shober Hooper Award at the Philadelphia Watercolor Society's 121st International 'Works on Paper' Exhibit.

This exhibition is a collection of varying styles, backgrounds, and media characteristic of the inclusivity of the Portrait Society.

Supporting and connecting with Indiana's Portrait Society members was truly a delight. Some are well established artists with decades of experience, and others are just at the beginning of their journeys.

The exhibition opened April 8th and will be open until April 30th. The Opening Reception on April 8th was a wonderful opportunity to connect with artists and patrons there, and to see all of the artwork.

I look forward to future Indiana Portrait Society member events!

Have a beautiful day!


'Viridian Artemis' was on display at the Indiana State Museum last yeat for the Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition.

'Look Back at the Light' received an Honorable Mention in Nickel Plate's 'Gold Standard' Show.


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