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IndyNow with Justin Vining

It was a fantastic experience going on Fox59's IndyNow show with Justin Vining to promote Justin's annual gallery exhibit!

The Vining Gallery 2nd Invitation Group Exhibition will be opening on Friday, October 22nd to the public for free. It is a phenomenal collection of work with over 100 paintings by 42 different artists across America, as well as Norway and Ukraine!

Meeting host Jillian Deam and guest-host Sherman Burdette and promoting Justin's show was so exciting. Both Jillian and Sherman were gracious and welcoming, and shared their enthusiasm for this unique event.

After our initial segment, Justin went on to paint a 5 minute landscape with Jillian and Sherman from one of his lovely Brown County pieces. With so little time, it was exciting to see how beautifully their paintings all looked! They did a great job.

Here is a link to the video! Thank you for watching!


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