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First OPA Exhibition!

What!? It is with great excitement and joy that I am sharing 'Cuisson' has been accepted into the OPA's National Exhibition!

This painting captures the wonderful art of baking. Whether your working with a boxed mix or your own sourdough starter, you get a taste of the satisfaction of creating. Taking simple ingredients and turning them into something new is a rewarding process. When you use this process to share with others, you create connection, memories, and gratitude for each other. Although not universally enjoyed, baking is often a way for people to decompress and relax. A form of art therapy, if you will! It's all about the joy of the process and anticipation for the results. 'Cuisson' captures just that.

The OPA's National Exhibition opens with their annual conference, March March 31 – April 30, 2023. The information for the Awards ceremony and Opening are here!

To top it off, my dear friend David Gulley called me himself to tell me that he bought 'Cuisson' for his collection. It is so special that he will have this piece, as he shared his interest in it since I first posted it, he is my most supportive collector, and it is my first painting to get into OPA!

Truly, the best part is that he resonates with this painting and now will have it in his home. 💗

Meanwhile, however, it will soon be on it's way to Charleston! I will be there the opening nights, Thursday and Friday, for those of you who are planning to attend. See you there!

All the best,



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