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Exploring Something New

2022 Brings a Year of Potential!

One thing I've thought a lot about lately is potential.

We are each full of potential for growth, creativity, and action.

It looks different for each person, but taking the initiative to use that potential is an amazing thing. God gives each of us strengths and weaknesses, and He uses both to teach us and bring glory to Himself.

With a brand new year ahead of us, I feel exhilerated thinking of all the opportunities within reach! It's similar to weekends, really. Throughout the week you accumulate a list of things you want to do and need to work on, and the weekend provides the perfect opportunity to do that; to read the book on your shelf, go someplace new, complete an errand, or meet up with someone.

Recently, I've been looking ahead at the upcoming months and doing what I can to prepare for them. How can I put my best foot forward?

In May, my sister, Alix, and I are going on a two-week art trip to Europe. I've been studying different artists who have captured those exact locations we're visiting, and noticing all of the different efficient and beautiful methods of creating artwork while traveling.

While reading through a monograph about Arthur and Lucia Mathews, I learned Lucia made numerous pastel sketches on her trip to Europe.

I loved this idea! No worries about TSA complications, easy portability, and no necessary water or solvents.

Thanks to the generosity of my mysterious 'Art Secret Santa,' (thank you from the bottom of my heart!) I purchased some soft pastels and Canson Mi Teintes paper from Jerry's Artarama.

I started off with a Lucia Mathews master study. The simplified shapes and lovely design made her study of oranges my first choice!

Then I experimented with working from life.

My sister, Sophia, modeled for me with her colorful scarf and wild red curls. I loved playing with the harmonious jewel tones tying in her scarf, skin, and earrings.

'The Jewel' pastel on paper, 9x12"

Most recently, I really enjoyed capturing some of my Mom's china and setting up a still life.

'Little Pitcher' pastel on paper, 4x6"

'Apple and Cheddar Still Life' pastel on paper, 6x9"

As I continue practicing this exciting new medium, I'm also continuing a series I've started of larger charcoal pieces. More coming on that soon!

I hope that you go out and try something new, big or small! Reach out for that opportunity you've been hoping for. When you do something for God's glory, it will not be in vain, if nothing else it will be a fun memory or a learning experience!

If you have any questions about my artwork, or if you are interested in purchasing a piece, please always feel free to reach out.

You can message me through my 'Contact' page, or directly email me at

Thank you for reading, and Happy New Year!



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