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'Enigma' is a Semi-Finalist in Art Renewal Center's Salon Exhibition!

My drawing, 'Enigma' is a semi-finalist in the international ARC Competition! It is a dream come true to be a part of this exhibition. My heartfelt thanks extend to the jurors, and a huge congratulations to all of the semi-finalists!

'Enigma' is an 18x24" charcoal and graphite drawing I created almost exclusively from life over a number of sessions with my younger sister. The last 20% was finished from memory and intuition, deciding what it needed to communicate most clearly it's story and vision.

You see a young woman in mysterious setting and clothing, who seems like she could be from any time or place. The black and white harmony of the charcoal lends the drawing a timeless element. Her eyes sparkle with warmth and intelligence, while a slight smirk hints at some unspoken thought. Does she listen with curiosity or close her lips to some witty comeback? She is an enigma, a riddle, with more questions than answers in her pose and expression.

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Congrats! Now that's great figurative art. Loved it when I first saw earlier in the year... and still do!

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