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Art Trip to Utah

Four and a half days in Utah were spent meeting artists, making friends, and painting the mountains! It was a dream.

My deepest gratitude extends to my friend, Alice Childers, for making this trip possible with her support, and to each person there who made it so memorable and wonderful.

Over four days, I met Trijsten Leach, David Dibble, Nicole Parish, Mark Pugh, Charity Anderson, Keith Bond, and Trijsten's friends, Barbara Ward, Kerri Hammond, and Betty Benson. Except for David and Mark, I was able to paint the beautiful Utah landscape with these incredible artists.

Thank you each for your time, your generosity, advice, and friendship. It means the world to me to know you as friends. I look forward to watching each of you continue to grow and succeed and enjoy the beautiful art you create. I hope to come back soon to paint with you again, and to meet with some of other great Utah artists as well!

Until next time, Utah!!


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