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Alicia Ponzio Workshop at the Scottsdale Artists School

This past week was a whirlwind full of education and inspiration at Alicia Ponzio's Expressive Sculpture Workshop.

Thanks to the generosity of Scottsdale Artists' School, I was thrilled to receive a scholarship for this fantastic workshop.

Without their benevolence, I could not have had the opportunity to enjoy this experience. Their school is a light for the inspiration and qualities of learning.

Alicia is not only a masterful sculpter, but proved to be a dedicated and passionate teacher as well. Her instruction delved deep into technique, anatomy, creativity, and artistic quality.

It was fascinating how all she shared about sculpture and anatomy could also be applied to drawing and painting. Her knowledge about form, structure, and line quality was incredible. Isn't it amazing how learning can open your eyes to seeing things in a whole new way?

One night, during a video chat with some of my family, I could imagine simplifying their faces in planes in a way I'd never been able to before. It has been an exciting transformation!

It reminds me of when I began to paint. As I began practicing mixing colors, I started to see color in everyday life with a new clarity and variety.

New ways of experiencing life are at your fingertips - all it takes is learning and being open to new ideas!

Another benefit from the workshop was the chance to meet other artists at the school, particularly my classmates. Getting to know these artists was a blessing that will continue to deepen with time.

I am so thankful to SAS for this experience, and to Alicia for all of her effort and time. Studying and enjoying conversation with her has made a lasting impression on me. I look forward to connecting with her more and following her career as she builds her legacy.

If you are considering trying sculpture, I highly recommend it!! You'll have so much fun and learn abundantly through the process - especially if you can learn from Alicia!

Thank you for reading!

Best wishes,



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