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A Dream Commission

A few months ago, a good friend asked me to donate some artwork for their school auction. It is a privilege to be able to contribute with my art to help others, and I jumped at the opportunity. We ended up deciding to auction a custom commission. Weeks later, I was contacted by the man who won, and he shared with me his hopes of a portrait of his wife and young son.

Obliging and kind, he was very open to my ideas, resulting in a photoshoot and some sketches from life in their lovely home shortly thereafter.

Gene and Lio, his wife and son, were so inspiring to capture. Gene's obvious care for her son and their love for each other made our session a dream.

In fact, I loved the photos so much, when they chose one for their commission I asked if I could paint the others as well. They agreed wholeheartedly.

From this sweet and inspiring session, I ended up drawing multiple sketches, painting an 18x24", and completing an addition 8x10" drawing. Each was a delight to create. The charm and tenderness of this mother and son evoked deep gratitude and peace within me that was so meaningful to capture.

To my joy and surprise, once the couple saw the finished pieces, they not only loved the commissioned painting, but decided to buy all three of the main pieces. Although I hope the images of these pieces will resonate and bring joy to many others, I couldn't imagine a better home for them.

With a few photos still in my collection, these may not be the last you see of this enchanting duo.

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