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Always a Silver Lining

A few months shy of a year since my last post, a lot has happened!

With the beginning of 2020, came the world-wide impact of Covid-19, and the restrictions caused by the fear it produced.

At the beginning of the quarantine, I'm not sure anyone expected all the ramifications that would result, or that they would last this long. I certainly didn't! The Annual Portrait Society Conference has been postponed meeting in person until next year, as have the FACE conference, among other plans and events that were highly anticipated. It is deeply disappointing to miss the opportunity to see friends, to meet new people, and to enjoy learning from the incredible faculty at both conferences.

During this time, however, God has given exciting new things to look forward to and enjoy!

Since February, I have been working on a series of over 30 drawings for an upcoming book. I am waiting to share more until the book is published, but I am very excited about it. Working with the author has been a wonderful experience. He has been clear in his communication, kind, professional, and dedicated. He is a gifted writer and experienced teacher, and I have enjoyed all that I have had the privilege to read.

In May, my mom Kelly Orr self-published her first book! It is a memoir detailing her courageous escape from domestic psychological and emotional abuse, and shares her story of discovery, survival, and triumph. I am so proud of her incredible bravery and eloquence in writing her story, and I know it has already been a help to people. It is captivating, enlightening, and moving.

You can purchase a copy on amazon for $12.95.

After years of following his teaching and blog posts online, this year has also brought my family's connection to Jeff Crippen. A pastor for 37 years, he preaches at Christ Reformation Church in Tillamook, Oregon. He has faithfully studied domestic abuse, particularly as it regards the church, and has written several books on the tactics and mentality of abuse. He insightfully makes the connection between the deceptive evil of the domestic abuser in the church, and the overarching mentality of sin itself. My mom reached out to him through email, and his quick and caring correspondence has created friendship we are all thankful for. A few months after mom emailed him, Jeff announced that their church would be sharing their services online, and we are weekly attendants, thankful for Jeff's faithful exposition of scripture. Many other followers of his blog also attend CRC's online services, and it is wonderful to be a part of their online community.

Because of this connection, Pastor Jeff commissioned me to draw a cover for one of his latest books, 'Wise as Serpents.' It was such a neat experience to collaborate with him on the cover drawing, and to see it on the book when it was published. You can find it on amazon for $13.95.

Thanks to the recommendation and kindness of my dear friend and mentor, Tina Garrett, I was among a few different artists chosen by the OddAngels patrons this year. They are sponsoring me to go to the FACE conference next year, since this year's conference is canceled. My communication with Linda, one of the OddAngel patrons, has been so wonderful. Her kindness and warmth have endeared her as someone I am honored to consider as my friend, and I eagerly look forward to meeting her in person.

It is also a great honor to be accepted into the Allied Artists of America's Annual Exhibition, and the Hoosier Salon's Annual Exhibition.

Allied Artists of America is hosting their show online this year, and the display will be available on their site beginning August 29th.

Hoosier Salon is presenting their show opening online for the first time on August 27th, and the exhibit will be open to visit in person (with health and safety guidelines) at the Indiana State Museum beginning August 29th.

I wish the best for you all, and I would love to hear what exciting things have happened for you during this time!

Thank you for reading,


My paintings, 'Crescendo' and 'Autumn Reverie' will be on display for the Hoosier Salon show.

'Champion/When the Storm Passes' was accepted in Allied Artists of America's 107th Annual Exhibition.

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